The F&F Father's Day Gift Guide

My father shares my enthusiasm for gift-giving. As the co-owner of a gift shop with my mother, he spent years honing his craft. Yes he can pick out something modest for your grandmother. But his real specialty is anything luxurious. He loves big, extravagant items that you definitely don't need (but definitely want and would never buy for yourself.)  

Beyond gifts, his favorite way to splurge has always been vacation. Preferably to a Ritz-Carlton on a beach somewhere tropical, but not quite remote - my dad isn't really one to share my sense of exploration (thanks, Mom.) The vacation would revolve around spectacular meals and drinks brought beach side at the wave of a hand. My family and I went on several of these vacations when I was younger and while this description might sound frivolous, it wasn't just about the pampering.

During these trips my family created some of their best memories. The time my mom lost a tooth when snorkeling in Mexico (ok, not her best memory but an amazing story for the rest of us.) Or when we took a wrong turn and ended up doing a MUCH scarier version of the Road to Hanna, in a Crown Victoria rental car in Maui. Or slipping off the resort in Montego Bay to go to a local restaurant and discover the musical stylings of Phil & Don - Jamaica's dynamic duo. My sister and I spent that whole trip dancing around the beautiful hotel bedroom singing & laughing hysterically at their smash hit, "Where the Rum Come From."  We still know all the words. 

Does anyone else have a yearning at a certain age to suddenly give everything possible back to your parents? Particularly around holidays that are devoted specifically to their parenthood? After losing the store, we haven't been on many family vacations. And definitely none of them have lived up to my Dad's standards.  

I have this fantasy that to pay my parents back for the years of college, my first car, money for my wedding, and a multitude of other things, I'm going to take them on the kind of vacation we used to indulge in. First class airfare, 5-star resort - the works.

But more than that, I'm craving a way to express my gratitude and appreciation. To me, that's what a gift is. Whether it's the trip of a lifetime (sorry, not quite there this year, Dad) or just a fantastic shirt, there is something so satisfying about watching a loved one open a gift that says "I understand you and I love you." 

So here are some ideas to help you give that kind of gift to your Father this year. If you read through this and still don't think any of these are quite right or if you love them but need a gift for another occasion, I'm happy to help! Get started with a gift recommendation here. 

Enjoy! - Penelope, Chief Curator @ Found & Fitted