Gift Twins: What It Means and Why You Need One

What? You've never heard of "gift twins?" Well, that's definitely NOT because I made it up just now...👯

Anyway, when you find your gift twin you will know because you will have an unbelievable moment of " couldn't have!!" after you discover you gifted each other the same thing. My friend Amy and I did this for our birthday this year (in addition to being gift twins, we're also born only one day apart.) 

How did this come to be? What was the gift? First, you should know that Amy and I haven't known each other for decades, or are in constant communication, or anything like that. In fact, I would say that our friendship has really blossomed over that last year or so. Before that, I simply knew her as my friend's charming and elegant wife who would occasionally join us at cocktail parties. She doesn't use social media, so my usual methods of keeping up with people via Instagram photos and Facebook events wasn't going to cut it. 

Recently Amy and I have had the chance to hang out more and that's not a coincidence. In a recent chat over breakfast at Sunrise in Memphis (best.biscuits.ever.) we discussed our lives, careers, and the future. It got deep. One of us maaaay have cried. And then I told Amy about the list I made one day on my phone. It's a list of people who energize and/or inspire me. 

This list was made after a few glasses of Pinot and a frustrating experience with a friend. I realized that I only have so much time and between my full-time job, grad school, F&F, family, and life (like that tree falling on my house...more on that later) and I needed to be more frugal with my friendships. I could devote time and energy to friends who were perfectly nice people, but didn't inspire or energize me. Or, I could double-down on those who mattered the most to me. Maybe this is a very selfish thing to do, but I am certain it's the right thing for me at the moment. 

So this is how I ended up arriving at Amy's door one night in March, and handing her a tissue wrapped copy of this book:

In the Company of Women  by Grace Bonney (Founder of Design*Sponge)   Get it here!

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney (Founder of Design*Sponge)

Get it here!

Amy looked at me strangely and said, " couldn't have." 

She walked over to the counter and grabbed a tissue-wrapped package of similar size. I laughed as I tore through the paper and saw the cover. 

I gave Amy this book because she was one of the individuals on the top of the list on my phone. She's a woman whose company I adore and whose thoughts, ideas, and energy inspires me to be creative and to be myself.

An even greater gift than anything wrapped in tissue paper that night, was the fact that, I, inspired similar thoughts in Amy. Well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. After all, we're twins. 


In the Company of Women photo courtesy of Likely by Sea. Read her book review here.