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Meet your new best friend, Found & Fitted.

We find thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list so that you can spend more time with the people on it. 

1) Start by tell us about you and your gift-giving needs via a short online form.

2) We find gifts for everyone on your list. (We can even buy, wrap & ship your gifts!)

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3) Relax and enjoy spending time with the people on your list, instead of shopping.

We help everyone from busy moms who are juggling their successful careers, family and a life in general, to real estate agents looking for housewarming gifts, to advertising agencies who need a holiday gift for their clients, to…you!

F&F is for you if you agree with any of the following:

  • You want to find thoughtful, quality gifts for the people in your life.

  • You are short on time and you don’t want to spend what little free time you do have, shopping.

  • The thought of finding the perfect gift for everyone during the holidays makes you break out into hives. (Let’s not even talk about going into a shopping mall…)

  • You are able to do most of your shopping, but you need help with a few people every now and then.

  • You have a business and need help managing, selecting and sending client gifts throughout the year.

P.S. - If for any reason you’re not happy with your gift ideas, we are more than happy to send a few more your way. Or, give you a full refund.

Rather Talk to a Real Human?

We get, not everyone is a fan of digital. If you would prefer to discuss your options over the phone, learn more about me, or simply chat, I’d love to hear from you.

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